Leeds, United Kingdom

Who We Are

Limeshore Ltd. is a UK based company providing a variety of products and services supporting industrial sector around the world, specialised in business solutions for Cement Industries, Oil & Gas sector, Power Plants, Food, Vending and other industries.

We strive to support our clients through a robust supply chain and a solid network of experts and vendors that ensure reliability versatility and result based performance in one of the world’s most challenging environments putting safety and client needs on top to keep up with the demanding nature of the industry.

Our Values


We believe that the health and safety of every employee is the highest priority, which is why we are committed to maintaining a high level of safe operational practices. We take immense pride in upholding our extensive record of safety.


We provide quality assurance and Quality control, when it comes to our industrial facilities, the quality of all our equipment, materials, structures and components are subjected to strict regulations and standards


Our products and services are of the highest quality. We commend ourselves on our work, we adhere to our ethical and moral principles and responsibilities and we strive to maintain an honest and strong morale relationship with our partners and clients.

Health and Safety

We are committed to providing a safe and healthful working environment for all workers as well as the general public. It is our policy to conduct all operations safely and in a manner that will prevent injuries to persons as well as protect against damage to property and the environment.

From basic workplace safety measures to handling hazardous materials, we provide training to our employees which provide them with the skills necessary to safely execute their duties.

Every employee is also trained to commensurate with their responsibilities and comply with the regulations and standards set by Health and Safety Administration.

The provided training outlines the procedures and steps to take in an event of an emergency and the response to ensure minimal physical injury and equipment damage.

Damage reports are filled out and submitted after the events of the incident to ensure such accident prevented in the future.

Who We Serve

Cement Plants

Chemical Processing

Power Plants

Iron & Steel Plant

Oil & Gas

Food Industries